Thursday, December 31, 2009

F O U R/T W E N T Y (420)

420 has become a craze to young generation. Though it has some critics for using full of slang languages and for odd scenes but it has become the more popular natok among the youngsters. Faruki wants to show what is happening in our society through this natok.

It is another a super hit natok of Faruki. This is simply an unique well written natok by Faruki, which illustrates the people of Bangladesh, and the type of scam artist the can be for money. Make sure you watch it .....

Director : Mostafa Sarwar Faruki

Casting : Mosharraf Karim, Tisha, Babu, Nafiza, Sohel Khan, Prova, Mamun & many more ...

Formate : DVD

Aired ON: Channel i

Note : 420 is also known as "Four/Twenty" or "Char Sho Bish"

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


House Full is one of the biggest hits of Bangla tv-serial. It is basically a commedy drama serial. Actors & actresses have done a great job to make a hit serial. Specially the character of Siddik. Always a smiling man at any situation. Everyone including Mosharaf Karim, Shuvo, Shimu, Mithila, Hasan masud have done excellent job. It is a story based on a family. Members of this family are involved in many problems. Many of us have already watched this serial. But those who do not watch this natok must watch it. Its really a good one.

Directed by : Eftekhar fahmi & Redwan Roni.

Casting : Abul Hayat, Monira Mithu, Mosharaf Karim, Hasan Masud, Shimu, Mithila, Sharmeen Shila, Sohel Khan, Rifat Chowdhury, Siddikur Rahman, Shuvo, Nova, Shumon Patowary, Adnan faruk Hillol, Monalisa, Prova, Marjuk Russel and many more...

Format : WMV/WMA/AVI

Aired On : NTV

sixty NINE 69

The second great presentation from Anisul Haq after Akanno Borti. This drama serial revolves around the story of a family living in Dhaka. The different problems of the family members, how they solve different issue, how is the real life condition in Dhaka and in general in Bangladesh. The story flow is very nice.

The actors & the actresses have done a marvelous job specially Joya, Srabonti, Tinni & Tisha.

written by : Anisul Haq
Directed by : Mostafa Sarwar Faruki.
Casting : Masud Ali Khan, Hasan Masud, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Ahmed Rubel, Mamunul Haq, Fazlur Rahman babu, Tania, Opi Karim, Joya Ahsan, Srabonti, Tinni, Tisha, Farhana Mitu, Nayla, Moutushi, Muradh, Muna & many more.
Format : DVD.

Friday, December 11, 2009

AKANNO B o R t i

wE all know about 51 BORTI

51 borti is jointly written by Anisul Haque and Mostafa Sarwar Faruki. It was a very popular tv serial natok which telecast in Channel i. 51 borti became very popular for its dialogues. Faruki changed the style of dialogue in his natoks. In earlier, dialogues are mostly written in correct or proper language. As a result, it became so boring that viewers didn't watch the natok for it's dialogue though the story of the natok or the casts were good enough. So Faruki understood the problem and he finally introduced the local dialect language like KhaiC,Gaysi,Korc etc. This is one of the reasons that 51 BORTI proved as a hit mega serial.

51 Borti is a natok that is full of drama,emotions and comedy. This is a story of different people from different class. So its enjoyable to watch.

Casting: Fozlur Rahman Babu,Dilara Zaman,Opi korim,Mahfuz Ahmed,Srabonti,Shahiduzzaman Selim and others.

Directed By: Mostafa Sarwar Faruki.

Everyone can buy it's CD & DVD from various CD shops. Its CD & DVD are also available in Boshundhora shopping mall,Rifles Square,Mouchak market,Navana and various markets. It costs CD for 50 taka which includes parts 1-5 & 90-100 taka for DVD which includes parts 1-10. But print quality of a DVD is better then a CD.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


RONGER MANUSH is the most popular and catching drama serial in Bangladesh. It has become highly popular among the viewers. The theme song of this Bangla drama serial has become a household hit since the serial began on NTV Bangla. Ronger Manush is a nice drama serial with a wide view of the sweetness of rural life and Bangladesh together with full of commedy.

One of the highlighting features for Ronger Manush serial is the participation of Bengali speaking foreing actors and actress. It introduces a wonderful world of Bangladesh rural life to us.

Ronger Manush represents a 111 episode TV play was written jointly by Selim Al Deen and Masum Reza.

Direced by Salauddin Lavlu.
Casting: Bonna Mirza,Salauddin Lavlu,Tania Ahmed,Joli,A T M Samsujjaman,Hasan,Somu Chowdhury,Rohmot Ali,Babu,Romana,Rubel,Mustafizur Rahman Babu,Roshid Harun,Pran Rai and many more.
Anyone can buy its CD or DVD from Rifles Square,Boshundhora Shopping Mall even ifrom CD shops. It cost 50 taka for CD and for DVD it cost 90-100 taka.


TARA TIN JON is a mega serial natok which was proved as a hit natok. Tara tin jon is written and directed by Humayun Ahmed. Its known as a commedy serial. Its a story of three people's daily life who are engaged full of problems. But Tara tin jon natok is really a full entertainment natok to watch.It has been seen in many TV channels like ATN BANGLA and BANGLA VISION. But everyone can buy it's CD from CD shops.
Casting: Azaz,khosru and many more.


In late 90's Nokkhotrer Raat was one of the popular serial natoks in BTV. There were many star actors and actresses worked behind this natok like Abul Hayat,Assaduzzaman Noor,shomi kausar and many more. Thus, Shomi Kausar and Afsana Mimi became very popular through this natok. Jahid Hasan also did a good job in this serial.
This natok was based on full of drama,emotions and commedy. But many of us didn't watch this natok because it was in the 90's. So if anyone wants to watch this natok he or she has to buy it's CD or DVD from CD shops. This natok has 1-20 parts.
Casting: Abul Khayar,Abul Hayat,Assaduzzaman Noor,Jahid Hasan,Azizul Hakim,Sara Zaker,Shomi Kawsar,Afsana Mimi,Shaon,Abdul Kader and many more.


AAJ ROBIBAR Was one of the most popular commedy serial in earlier 90's. After the end of this serial it was telecast again and again. Jahid Hasan played a powerful role in this serial. His dialogue's were amazing like - "titli apu titli apu amar shob hijibiji hijibiji mone hocche". The tone and expression from his face were simply amazing. Besides him Abul Hayat,Shuborna Mustafa,Ali Zaker,Shaon even Humayun Ahmed's daughter did a great job.At the end of this serial Assaduzzaman Noor played an important role in this serial. Because Aaj robibar is an old natok. Many of you didn't watch it. So huury up. Buy its CD or DVD from CD shops. It's 1-7 parts.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kothao keu nei is one of the most popular bangla serial natoks of Bangladesh. It's something we call "out of the world". it was a super-duper hit natok in that time. It's written and directed by Humayun Ahmed. During that time Kothao keu nei was much discussed around the country. Every actors and actress acted exceptionally well specially the character of "BAKER VHAI".
Baker vhai became such a popular character that before the last segment was aired, people across the country brought out processions protesting his death. Public prayers and death anniversaries have been arranged for this fictional character.
casting: Assaduzzaman Noor,Shuborna Mustafa,Sara Zaker, Abdul Kader and many more.
You can find its CD and DVD in Rifles Square,Bashundhara shopping mall,Eastern Plaza & many shopping malls.You can also find it from youtube.


BOHUBRIHI was the one of the most popular bangla serial natoks. Bohubrihi was wriiten by Humayun Ahmed. It's a natok of full drama and emotion. Bohubrihi natok was casted by the most powerful actors during that time. So it was a hit.

Casting: Assaduzzaman Noor,Abul hayat,Afzal and many more.

You can find this from CD markets or from shopping malls.You can also download this from YOU TUBE.

natok of 80's - Ayomoy

AYOMOY was a popular Bangladeshi TV serial , wriiten by Humayun Ahmed. Ayomoy originally aired on BTV. Ayomoy means "The man who would not die". Blending fact with fiction it is set in the period of british raj, the story is about declining bengali zamidar(landlord) family.

casting:Abul hayat,Assaduzzaman Noor,Shuborna Mustafa,Bipasha hayat and many more.