Thursday, December 31, 2009

F O U R/T W E N T Y (420)

420 has become a craze to young generation. Though it has some critics for using full of slang languages and for odd scenes but it has become the more popular natok among the youngsters. Faruki wants to show what is happening in our society through this natok.

It is another a super hit natok of Faruki. This is simply an unique well written natok by Faruki, which illustrates the people of Bangladesh, and the type of scam artist the can be for money. Make sure you watch it .....

Director : Mostafa Sarwar Faruki

Casting : Mosharraf Karim, Tisha, Babu, Nafiza, Sohel Khan, Prova, Mamun & many more ...

Formate : DVD

Aired ON: Channel i

Note : 420 is also known as "Four/Twenty" or "Char Sho Bish"