Thursday, December 10, 2009


In late 90's Nokkhotrer Raat was one of the popular serial natoks in BTV. There were many star actors and actresses worked behind this natok like Abul Hayat,Assaduzzaman Noor,shomi kausar and many more. Thus, Shomi Kausar and Afsana Mimi became very popular through this natok. Jahid Hasan also did a good job in this serial.
This natok was based on full of drama,emotions and commedy. But many of us didn't watch this natok because it was in the 90's. So if anyone wants to watch this natok he or she has to buy it's CD or DVD from CD shops. This natok has 1-20 parts.
Casting: Abul Khayar,Abul Hayat,Assaduzzaman Noor,Jahid Hasan,Azizul Hakim,Sara Zaker,Shomi Kawsar,Afsana Mimi,Shaon,Abdul Kader and many more.