Friday, December 11, 2009

AKANNO B o R t i

wE all know about 51 BORTI

51 borti is jointly written by Anisul Haque and Mostafa Sarwar Faruki. It was a very popular tv serial natok which telecast in Channel i. 51 borti became very popular for its dialogues. Faruki changed the style of dialogue in his natoks. In earlier, dialogues are mostly written in correct or proper language. As a result, it became so boring that viewers didn't watch the natok for it's dialogue though the story of the natok or the casts were good enough. So Faruki understood the problem and he finally introduced the local dialect language like KhaiC,Gaysi,Korc etc. This is one of the reasons that 51 BORTI proved as a hit mega serial.

51 Borti is a natok that is full of drama,emotions and comedy. This is a story of different people from different class. So its enjoyable to watch.

Casting: Fozlur Rahman Babu,Dilara Zaman,Opi korim,Mahfuz Ahmed,Srabonti,Shahiduzzaman Selim and others.

Directed By: Mostafa Sarwar Faruki.

Everyone can buy it's CD & DVD from various CD shops. Its CD & DVD are also available in Boshundhora shopping mall,Rifles Square,Mouchak market,Navana and various markets. It costs CD for 50 taka which includes parts 1-5 & 90-100 taka for DVD which includes parts 1-10. But print quality of a DVD is better then a CD.