Thursday, December 10, 2009


AAJ ROBIBAR Was one of the most popular commedy serial in earlier 90's. After the end of this serial it was telecast again and again. Jahid Hasan played a powerful role in this serial. His dialogue's were amazing like - "titli apu titli apu amar shob hijibiji hijibiji mone hocche". The tone and expression from his face were simply amazing. Besides him Abul Hayat,Shuborna Mustafa,Ali Zaker,Shaon even Humayun Ahmed's daughter did a great job.At the end of this serial Assaduzzaman Noor played an important role in this serial. Because Aaj robibar is an old natok. Many of you didn't watch it. So huury up. Buy its CD or DVD from CD shops. It's 1-7 parts.